Home Depot Corporate Office

home depot corporate office 1

Nyzza July 1, 2016 I was an employee at Home Depot for a year in half, everything was wonderful until Jose Serrano got to Home Depot. Wow how this guy has so many favorite higher end At Home Depot and store manager as best friend. I was fired do to a lie. And Home Depot […]

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Boho Bedroom Decor

boho bedroom decor 1

A Boho Chic Bedroom is that kind of space that perfectly expresses your personality. Bohemian style is a popular way to express your inner hippie. Not only that, bohemian inspired accents could create a warm atmosphere on the interior design. There are many decorating ideas to help you turn a bedroom into a breathtaking bohemian […]

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Indoor Chaise Lounge Chair

indoor chaise lounge chair 1

Chaise lounge chairs are well known for their comfort and luxurious style. They make a great addition to any living room, office or bedroom and come in a variety of designs. Classic styles include asymmetrical varieties with a back and arm that meet on only one corner of the couch, bench style lounges that have […]

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Office Chair With Headrest

office chair with headrest 1

Headrest Headrest Until now, headrests have largely been an afterthought, but the Gesture headrest is integrated into the design. The design of the Gesture headrest takes into consideration features such as factors head size, neck length and desired range of motion to support a greater range of user sizes. Through this intentional design, the Gesture […]

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Diy Basement Bar

diy basement bar 1

While searching for basement bar plans and designs, you’ll likely find a bunch of ad sites exclaiming “89 Home Bar Designs for Basements…” or “40 Inspirational Home Bar Designs…“. The resulting jungle of advertising is enough to drive you nuts and crash your browser… those sites display an endless series of photos (many stolen from […]

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Genie Garage Door Opener Manual

genie garage door opener manual 1

View programming instructions for all of our accessories including keypads, remotes and wall consoles. Additional or replacement garage door opener accessories can be purchased through your local Genie professional dealer or retailer. If you do not see the product you are looking for, please call 1-800-35-GENIE (354-3643) for further assistance.

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Wine Bottle Shelf

wine bottle shelf 1

Wine Racks & StorageOne aspect of wine appreciation is the sheer beauty of the bottles — with the right wine racks you can make your wine collection a meaningful part of your décor. Wine storage should be more than a cardboard box in the basement, especially when the options include everything from freestanding racks to […]

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Quality Bedroom Furniture

quality bedroom furniture 1

LivingLiving Living Room Give your home a shot of style with our living room furniture. Make this room the perfect spot for conversation, entertaining or just relaxing. Browse Living Room Sofas the Sofa Turn any room into your favorite place with the most comfortable seat in the house – your sofa. With a multitude of […]

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Spa Bathroom Ideas

spa bathroom ideas 1

So, why not turn your bathroom into an at-home spa? Like most spa services, your bathroom offers a private space where you can take a relaxing shower or warm bath to de-stress. All it takes is a few more elements to evoke the spa-like atmosphere. In this article, I’ll show you how to enhance all […]

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Elegant Bedroom Sets

elegant bedroom sets 1

Luxury Bedroom Sets Beauty is in the details. That’s why each of our carefully selected luxury bedroom furniture sets is meticulously crafted out of the finest materials. Each detail, from intricately carved woodwork to expertly hand-painted details to painstakingly sophisticated marquetry, is testament to the dying art of handcrafted excellence that lies at the heart […]

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