Basement Bar Pictures

This idea could certainly be transferred into a basement bar setup, with gorgeous results. Want the functionality and accessibility of a basement bar, but not the look of a bar in your basement? This compact kitchen/bar idea is for you. Stylish armoire by day, basement bar by night.
basement bar pictures 1

Basement Bar Pictures

Basement rec room. A finished basement can be a big plus, especially for those in areas with cold winters. A fully finished and heated basement offers bonus living space for extras like a bar, pool table or big-screen TV. If you’re considering a home with a finished basement, be sure to find out if the ceilings are regulation-height, and ask your home inspector to check for signs of leaks or excess moisture.
basement bar pictures 2

Basement Bar Pictures

Transform the vibe of a basement bar into that of a cheerful café…which happens to reside in a basement. Plenty of great lighting by way of wall sconces, some light and bright colors, and well-thought-out cabinetry and appliances makes this space feel fresh and inviting, basement or no.
basement bar pictures 3

Basement Bar Pictures

Irv Koch, 91, has owned his basement bar, also known as Irv’s Bar, in Pasadena for more than 50 years. Today, he may be the only licensed establishment in the state to operate out of a basement below a residence.
basement bar pictures 4

Basement Bar Pictures

Kelly and Co. Design created a contemporary-style bar in this renovated barn entertainment space without losing the ambiance of its rustic surroundings. A black granite countertop and zinc bar top sit atop wood cabinets and stainless steel fixtures. LED backlighting, which can be changed according to mood, showcases the bar selections. The bar features a keg tap, a wine fridge, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and ample storage for glassware and other serving pieces.
basement bar pictures 5

Basement Bar Pictures

If you want a bar-centered basement, the above picture is your inspiration.  When you think about it, a home bar for people who enjoy imbibing is a great idea because it eliminates any driving issues.
basement bar pictures 6

Basement Bar Pictures

A retro wet bar with cosmic accents sits outside the entry to a Star Trek-themed pinball arcade, turning this finished basement into a fun party spot. A curved soffit mirrors the lines of the curved, quartz-topped bar.
basement bar pictures 7

Basement Bar Pictures

As seen on DIY’s Man Cave, a basement bar is designed to fit this homeowner’s style. A clover with the numbers 508 is painted on the floor, a jukebox is added, and a small bar area with a tv fits against the back wall.
basement bar pictures 8

Irv Koch’s bar By Joshua McKerrow, Staff The ceiling at Irv’s bar is decorated with bras and underwear left by past customers. Regulars say few of the women bold enough to leave them come back. The ceiling at Irv’s bar is decorated with bras and underwear left by past customers. Regulars say few of the women bold enough to leave them come back. (By Joshua McKerrow, Staff) See more galleries
basement bar pictures 9

For flexibility in a small space, consider creating a bar from a cart or cabinet on wheels, as designer Leanne Ford did here: You can move it out of the way when you need the extra room. When styling your bar, “mix your bottles and glassware with special odds and ends that have meaning to you,” says Ford. “That will give the space some character and turn your bar into something special for you and your guests to enjoy.”
basement bar pictures 10

Wide bar, as seen on DIY Network’s original series, Man Caves. The color theme is orange and has a small bar area with bar stools and old framed photos above the counter.
basement bar pictures 11

Gambling, a bar, theater seating and five televisions. It doesn’t get much better than this.  It may be a bit on the elegant side, but it sure is a nice set up for a custom finished basement.  Source: Zillow DigsTM.
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This finished basement “man cave” uses space very well, yet it’s not too crammed.  It includes a comfortable sitting area, mini-bar/kitchenette and pool table.  Design by Elliott Design.
basement bar pictures 13

A wood plank ceiling, hardwood floors and natural stonework set a rustic, outdoors tone for this basement-turned-ski lodge. A fully stocked bar and lounge area makes this the perfect place to relax.
basement bar pictures 14

An impressive bar crowns this basement home theater. With plenty of storage and shelf space for glassware and beverages, a small refrigerator and wine fridge, neon signs, marble countertop and expertly placed television, your friends won’t want to leave even after the game is over.
basement bar pictures 15

Built for impressive entertaining, this elegant and handsome basement bar boasts chic oak cabinets, marble countertops and electronic games. Glass-front cabinets, ideal for displaying drinkware, smartly designed curves highlighting focal points and leather upholstered barstools combine to create an attractive and functional space with a sense of timelessness.
basement bar pictures 16

A bar wouldn’t be complete without a dart board, right? This one plays up the “bar” theme by incorporating a dart board surround crafted out of wine corks. Not only does this look great, but it saves the wall from dents and dings as well.
basement bar pictures 17

Nestled in the corner of a large kitchen designed for a family of five, this small wet bar was planned to serve the needs of the entire clan. “It’s prepped and ready to hold all of the fixings for adult beverages, but instead of wine storage we incorporated a chilled fridge space for water bottles, children’s drinks and beverages,” says the design team. “With glass storage above, the homeowners can also display their glassware and china.” See more small home bar ideas >>
basement bar pictures 18

During the renovation of a home in Greenwich, Conn., Anthony DeRosa of DeRosa Builders was able to incorporate a wet bar into the design of the family room without adding on or stealing space from the seating area. “We fit the bar into a little-used closet,” says DeRosa. “We had cabinets custom built for the space. The biggest challenge was finding a sink small enough to fit within the tight dimensions.” Mission, accomplished.
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Yes, finishing a basement can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can also plan to do it in stages, starting with a basic design and improving on aesthetics and features over time.
basement bar pictures 20

Finished basement with an emphasis on play – arcade games, cards table, bowling alley, billiards table and multiple televisions. Did I say bowling alley – you don’t see that in too many homes. Source: Zillow DigsTM.
basement bar pictures 21

The above photograph is of a family-room inspired type of finished basement.  It’s functional and comfortable.  The brick wall adds a nice design touch.  Yes, the couch is ugly, but it’s comfortable.  I’ll take comfortable over stylish any time.  Save the stylish, uncomfortable furniture for the upstairs living room.
basement bar pictures 22

The above is a finished basement you’d find in Scandinavia.  It’s a classic Scandinavian design – white, simple and natural wood floor.  However, the furniture isn’t Scandinavian in style – but it sure looks comfortable.  This is a great example of a man cave idea for a small room.
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Most man cave concepts focus on televisions, bars and games.  Here’s a different concept altogether – a rustic basement living room for sitting around and reading.  It’s a stretch to call this a man cave, but the design is certainly one that would work well.  For more rustic room designs, click here!
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Any man cave would benefit with a home theater.  Yes, it’s extravagant and can cost a lot of money – but if you’re into watching sports and movies in your finished basement, there’s no better way to do so by yourself or with friends in a sound-proof, media-rich home theater.  Check out 9 more incredible home theaters.
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Irv Koch, 91, has run Club Sunset Knoll in his basement for more than 50 years. “People say, ‘Why don’t you retire?’ I am retired,” Koch said. &”People say, ‘Why don’t you go on vacation?’; I am on vacation.”
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I like the clean, contemporary design of this TV room and mini-bar.  It’s small, but does the job.  Sure, you can’t host 15 pals, but for smaller gatherings it’s perfect.
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This might sound a bit too preachy to a few, but drunk driving is one of the biggest reasons why accidents happen on the road and if you have had one too many drinks, most often you need someone else to drive you back home. Enter a home bar into the scene and you are simply never too far away from your bed. Not only does this make the roads safer for others, but puts you out of any potential run-ins with the law as well.
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From a party at home that simply rocks, to not having to worry about driving back home, a home bar offers plenty of advantages that go way beyond the aesthetics of it. From the classic to the contemporary, retro to futuristic, you can opt for a design that fits your house best and then fill it with the best intoxicating delights of your choice.
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Industrial style stools sit in front of the new bar and serving windows creating a great place to sit and have a drink or watch a foosball game. The windows open up to the outdoors, allowing any guests or family members to interact with anyone outside, as seen on “Cousins Undercover.”

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